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Miniature F1B  Goldendoodles

by Annabelle and Teddy 

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~* Puppy Updates*~  

Week One

This week in Puppy Culture, we focus on gentle stimulation such as different positioning and gentle rubbing of their tummy, toes, ears, and legs.

This helps them become familiar with touch and snuggles.

Studies show that daily stimulation and handling foster development.

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Week Two

This week puppies eyes are opening and they are starting to investigate the world around them. This is such a fun week of development!

They have had their first dose of dewormer, have been introduced to wearing collars, and have had their first nail trims. They all did amazing 🤩 

With The Puppy Culture Programs, we continue to institute Early Neurological Stimulation and different positioning exercises, and lots of snuggling.

Studies have shown that these daily activities foster healthy development that will benefit them for years to come. 

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Week Three

Puppies are changing leap and bounds!

Their eyes and ears are open and their fun and playful personalitites are emerging.

It is so entertaining to watch them learn and explore the world around them. 

This week the pups were introduced to their first tastes of food and water and they absolutely are loving it.

Early stages of potty training are also starting by introducing potty pads and a litter box.

It is amazing how intelligent these pups are! 

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Week Four

Cuteness overload 😍

The puppies have developed their love for food and fun!

They are able to run, wrestle, bark and steel your heart with their adorable goofiness!

This week the pups were introduced to different noises and different environments - early awareness/introduction helps them learn how to adapt to new surrounding easily. They were given their second dose of dewormer and nail trimmings. Pups are also successfully using their litter box and introduction to the habit of "going" outside will start in this next week. 

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Week Five

Independence days...  

The puppies have started to venture out independently into the adventures of the outdoors!

They have quite enjoyed the fresh fallen snow and all the fun sled rides and snowbanks can bring 😍

This week potty training is advancing to the introduction of going outside, different noise and environment stimulation is continuing, and puppies have developed their love of attention and affection from humans. 

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Week Six

Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is WILD!!

Puppy energy is in full force! Although the weather isn't favorable for too much outside play, lots of inside play is happening 😍

This week potty training has advanced to getting most "everything" outside - hallelujah!! 🙌

Their teeth are emerging, they also received their six week check up, vaccinations and nail trims.

They continue to love attention, play and snuggles 🥰

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Week Seven

Kids Christmas Break + playful puppies = hours of fun & giggles!

Puppies have gained so much confidence in exploring and play this week.

The warmer weather has much welcomed them to the endless fun snow hills and kids can bring ❄️

Personalities and behaviors have blossomed this week as well.

It is quite entertaining and heartwarming to spend endless hours with them. 🥰

They are so smart, fun, playful, snuggly, cute as can be and such great companions! 

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Week Eight

As week eight has come upon us, we have started the bittersweet journey of seeing our puppies go to their forever homes 🥰

We, as a family, have spent many, many hours with them forming quite a bond!

It is an amazing experience to raise puppies ❤️

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Some pups from Annabelle and Teddy's previous litters

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Early Neurological Stimulation


Research has proven that the more a puppy's brain absorbs, from birth to 16 weeks - the stronger they are emotionally and physically. Some scientists even believe that the early 'stressing' of puppies, actually prevents disease later in life!


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