Luverne is Annabelle & Teddy's Miniature F1b Goldendoodle & doing great at her new loving home, updates from the first day through the 4th day. What an amazing girl! 

Gus is well loved in his new home, and adjusting well. Gus is Hazel and Teddy’s Miniature F1b Goldendoodle.

Lucy is a sweet F1 Miniature English Goldendoodle, living a very loved and adventurous life in her home with lots of attention from both children and adults.

'I'm not so sure about this,...', the Puppy seems to be thinking. ;)

This is Hazel's 'Uno' Boy. As it happens sometimes that first litters are smaller, Hazel won that size with just this one Adorable Boy. Annabelle's litter, on the other scale, is much bigger and would not all fit on the ride at once. Both boys and girls, they are all doing Amazingly well. All have had their first Vet visit and are participating in ENS, and showered with affection.

Apollo enjoying some snuggle time with his Family member. Apollo's family member reports that Apollo gets along well with everyone, even the cat, loves being outdoors, and still thinks he's a lap dog. :)

Arlo's family member reports that he is very intelligent, in his 'teen' stage and trying to outsmart them all the time. She laughs and tells him that he is not in charge. Arlo is very loved by his family and is taken to the Doggie park Daily for play. There are more photos of other family members loving on Arlo, below and in the photo gallery under the tab of Miniature F1b Goldendoodles. Arlo is weighing in at 28 pounds at his Neuter appointment. Final Mature weight may be around 30 pounds.


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