Crate Socialization/ for the Birds-the cows -the cats- anyone but us. The only thing we like about it so far is the raw meaty bone that's in there to chew on. On a Happy note, afterwards we got to go outside with lots of action and run like crazy, wrestle and play! 

We frolicked in the warm sun for hours; wrestling, playing, napping.

First they put a 'People' shirt on me, THEN they Publicize it! 

Our daily activity/socialization/desensitization schedule seems to increase rapidly. We are looking forward to some True and Lazy 'Dog Days of Summer' after all of this 'work'. 

We are astoundingly quick at learning, and are mastering Piddle Pad training, & positional desensitization & more!

 We are good at catching Zzzz's about anywhere :)

Toddling around on our legs, wrestling clumsily with each other, making 'ferocious' (adorable) sounds while wrestling each other, and wagging our tails happily to the people; we are growing by leaps and bounds in both body and confidence.


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