Join us in the Joy of Welcoming Bailey & Lincoln's puppies! Sailing through their ENS sessions, bringing Joy to many, eating, sleeping etc, life as a puppy is a busy life ;) These puppies are on their way to becoming some of the World's most Elite pets. They are being raised here with ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation), Puppy Culture program, Vast array of Socialization/Desensitization, & Tons of Love.

I Was calling for Bailey as I had JUST seen her on her recliner in the Den, about 10 minutes before. 'HOW could she have just disappeared?!'

Calling, looking, only dogs that keep showing up in my face, Daisy and Buck- eager to get a treat that might have been for Bailey.

All of a sudden, I hear a small noise under the raised platform with drawers under it. I think 'oh boy how did she fit under there '. So I go to pull the drawer out to help her get out - I'm assuming she's behind the drawer coming in t from the side.

Barely pull the drawer out and THERE SHE IS! IN THE DRAWER!

OH did we get a laugh!! So very adorable. Seems to be, every time they think they gotta find a 'more hidden' bed than the nice one we have set up for them. ? It's much effort and trying to make it seem more 'Den' feeling but we finally get them to settle in the whelping bed we have set up for them. So that while we try to give them much privacy, we can also oversee and help when needed. So far they are amazing whelpers and Very good mothers! We are so thankful for each of them!

Pictured, are recent photo updates of one of Bailey and Lincoln's Gorgeous puppies. This is one of the short haired, Atypical coated puppy of theirs. Delightfully, the feedback on these 'Golden Retriever looking' puppies/dogs is that they have VERY LITTLE shedding to 'just a bit of fuzz' for shedding. This is great for those whom Love the Golden Retrievers look but want less shedding.

We sure delight in the Photo updates of the adopted puppies, while we pass these cozy winter days by the fires. Since everything is currently iced over, it has put the cross country skiing, snowboarding, downhill skiing on hold. However our Canine Family members yet seem to enjoy mousing in the fields, just as much or more than, lounging by the fire in the den. They head out first thing in the mornings, after going potty, in groups of two or three to adventure their great backyard/fields, frolic together, and try to find mice in the fields beneath the ice crust. (We're not sure if they catch any or not, however are happy that they are happily getting their daily exercise and fresh air with each other.)

 Thank you Everyone for all your updates, photos & cards this season! May you all have an Amazing year with your family /friends and Amazing puppy/dog! Many of those wonderful updates will be found in the Gallery!  

What a fun day we had! We played in the snow with Dad, Mom and the children! It was a sunny, warm wintery day. Dad is so gentle and playful with us, and we love playing with him! 

We have Sailed through our thorough Veterinarian exam with perfect scores!  We are ready to begin being reserved by our new homes. We will be 8 weeks on December 18th and can go home after that. We have mastered Piddle pad & litter box training & are progressing toward mastering the doggie door & learning to potty outside only! We continue with high amount of socialization to many things. Some of which will help prepare us to be comfortable lifelong in vehicles or other motion activities, comfortable with every sudden loud noise (unphased bythunderstorms), comfortable with many people and animals and more. ENS and Puppy Culture is an amazing upbringing alone, and we go even beyond that as well. We are Amazing Puppies!


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