All of our dogs are Thoroughly considered and cleared prior to entering our breeding program. At an early age, they are Vet checked & screened for Optimum Health. They MUST have Great attributes & health before being allowed to be used for breeding.  We value our Local Veterinarians and our Canine Reproduction Veterinarians in MN. It is very important to consider Lines with Parental Genetic Clearances and/or Genetic Health testing with Careful Match-making to produce the Healthiest Puppies possible!

Our Parent Canine Family Members

  • Embark is the most powerful dog DNA test on the market, using research-grade canine genetic testing.
  • Other dog DNA tests only look at 30-2,000 variants, giving you less accurate or incomplete results. 
  • High-Density Microarray
  • Embark’s dog DNA test uses research-grade technology to test over 20x the genetic information than other dog DNA tests. 
  • Embark uses over 200K genetic markers and screens for over 200 dog breeds to tell you the makeup of your pup.
  • Health Tests
  • Embark’s top canine DNA scientists run over 175 genetic health tests on your dog.

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