Adoption Process

1.  Fill out & submit the Application - Application 
Be sure to specify litter/gender.

2.  We will review your application and notify you (usually within 24 hours).

3.  Make a deposit to hold your puppy - Make a Deposit

4. Sign our Adoption Contract - Adoption Contract

Again be sure to specify which Puppy this is for.

5.  Pick out your Puppy either at our ranch or via the photos/descriptions.  

At 8 weeks,  Pick up your Puppy - Request a Date

6.  Pay your Balance (The Full Adoption Fee minus the Deposit amount) in Cash at Pick Up.

7.  Take your puppy home!

Applications are usually reviewed within 24 hours, with notification as well within 24 hours.
We accept Cash, and Cash App (You do NOT need to have the Cash App to make your Deposit. All you need is a Debit Card & Follow the steps on the website Deposit page. This method is Safe & charges only a 2.75% fee).  Deposits are $200 which comes off the Full price. Full Price: All Medium or Large Sizes= 1500, All Miniatures= 1800.
This is Pet Fee, WITHOUT breeding rights.

After your deposit has cleared, you will be notified & Final Reservation list will be updated and/or your chosen puppy marked 'Reserved' (Considering it is at or after specific Puppy Pick 
Time).  Breeding rights are available on certain litters to approved Homes ONLY, for an additional fee.
Thank you!

When contacting us, Please leave a detailed voicemail and contact information. All questions that you have will likely be answered by viewing our website pages. Upon deciding that one of our Elitely-raised puppies would be the perfect fit for your life, Please fill out the Adoption application & submit to us. When you are notified of approval, please sign the contract and submit it to us, and your deposit/litter you are reserving from. Once your deposit has been received/cleared, the website reservation list will be updated with your puppy reservation slot. Thank you!

Please read our Visitation Policy




     We are currently accepting payments via Square Cash or the Cash App

You do NOT need to have a cash app account in order to submit payments. Click the Deposit Now button below and type 205.50 to replace the current $0 shown. This is the $200 deposit + the 2.75% fee charged by Cash App. Enter your card information and make sure to specify in the note area which puppy you are placing your deposit on.

Once completed, your puppy will be marked Reserved.

Deposit Now


Submit a $205.50 payment via Cash App as specified above. You do NOT need to have an account to do so. This uses a Debit Card, is a safe & secure way to pay & is quick. Confirmed Reservations can be made much quicker using the above method.

REMEMBER to specify in the Cash App note or via a message; which Puppy you are placing your deposit on.