Possible litter of F1b Dark Red Miniature Goldendoodles Summer. Annabelle and Teddy- will have Dark Reds with White markings and some partis. There is a long Reservation list for this litter, however- it is free to be placed on the reservation list.  Therefore, if you are interested in this litter, note that many on the list may not adopt at that specific time- opening up availability to those farther down on the list.  There is still room for more on this reservation list. 

Bailey & Lincoln's F1 Standard size Dark Red Goldendoodles with white markings - Both Atypical (Golden Retriever Look with minimal shedding) & Typical Coats will be available (TeddyBear look- Nonshedding- all of their Teddybear coat puppies reported have been NONshedding)-  Spring/summer 2020.  With more requests coming in for another litter between these two, we decided to mate Bailey with Lincoln again for Standards next time- in part due to the very rare 'Low shedding Golden Retriever' type of puppies they produce with their atypical coat puppies. These puppies are ideal for those who prefer a low maintenance coat with the Golden Retriever look. Tentatively Ready to go home Mid to Late June 2020.  Miniature

F1 English Goldendoodles Between Tentatively between Findlay and Teddy possibly this Autumn

To be placed on a Reservation list: Send a message via the website, Call, text, OR email us. Provide contact information, Full name, and which litter you are requesting from. Also, remember to submit your Application as well.

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