Future Reservation list placement is open & has begun for the Litters listed below.  (Current 'Deposits Placed' Reservation lists for Now Available Puppies may not be found on this page. These are kept on Record with My Elite Puppy).

Reservation List Explanation: To be notified as soon as deposits are being accepted on that litter with the option to make a deposit or pass. Opportunity is offered in order of the Reservation list. Reservation lists can accommodate many, as life events happen, people may pass their turn at the time and move it to the next on the list.  NOTE that for most Litters, (with the exception of Lincoln's) Gender Deposits will open between 2-3 weeks, in order of the Reservation List. This means that by the time the puppies are 1-2 weeks old- the Future litters page section may be updated of the litter born and then by 2-3 weeks the Reservation list will be contacted for the opportunity to place Gender deposits.

Please Note: On some litters (Lincoln's Goldendoodles), Deposits will be open at 6-7 weeks. On other litters (English Golden Retrievers, Miniature Goldendoodles),  Deposits will be open at 2-3 weeks. This is to accommodate with more precise accuracy; coat types in Lincoln's Goldendoodles.

If you have put in for a Reservation List & Do NOT see your name here, please contact us to correct it.  Some of our messages have been inappropriately going to our Junk mail box, or it hasn't been updated appropriately yet.  ALSO NOTE: For Reservation list updates We will contact you at your number/email email you supplied. Please respond as soon as possible of being contacted as we need to keep our Reservation lists current to be fair to everyone. Thank you much! 

F1 Miniature English Goldendoodles Next Available Litter- Possibly Spring/Summer 2021 (wt estimate 25-35)- Both Daisy & Findlay will Both Tentatively have F1 Miniature English Goldendoodles Tentatively in the Spring/Summer

Litter 1-   (Findlay)                            

  1. Lacy H.
  2. Jessica C.
  3. Tom B.
  4. Alma U.
  5. Connie N.
  6. Erin W.
  7.  Tammy R.B.
  8. Paige S.

Litter 2- (Daisy)

  1. Paige S.
  2. Adam B.
  3.  Jennie R.
  4.  Yvonne C.
  5. Megan K.
  6. Andrea K.
  7.  Ann T.
  8.  Amy C.
  9.  Sara C.

Bailey & Lincoln's F1 Dark Red Goldendoodles with the white markings. Both Typical(Teddy bear Goldendoodle look) and Atypical Coats
(Atypical= Golden Retriever look with the benefit of minimal shedding- as reported thus far by Atypical coat owners of Bailey's -  ideal & requested for those who love the Golden Retriever but love even more, the idea of one almost identical that is minimally shedding).- Update - Tentatively may have a litter ready to go home around the end of January.

  1.  Heather Atypical Coat - Female
  2. Molly S. Typical Coat
  3. Kelly G.
  4. Tammy R.B.
  5.  Jennie R. Atypical Coat 
  6.  Stacey P. - Typical Coat
  7.  Bethany N.- Typical Coat 

English Cream Golden Retrievers- The 2021 Reservation List (which we have on file) will be Updated and added here below in January


 F1b Miniature Dark Reds / some with white markings, some solid Red (20-35 pounds estimate) Annabelle & Hazel (F1 Red Nonshedding Goldendoodle- sister to Annabelle- darker red) Coats are loose Curly.

  1. Alexis C.
  2. Connie N.
  3. Kristle D.
  4.  Tammy R.B.
  5. Paige S.
  6. Adam B.
  7.  Ashley
  8.  Heidi A.
  9.  Valerie T. - 
  10.  Andrea K. (Or Miniature English Goldendoodle)
  11.  Allison S.


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