1. Please take the time to train your new pet in obedience. If you are unable to train your new pet, we highly recommend bringing them to a professional trainer. A well trained, obedient dog is much happier and so will you be! Dogs LOVE to please their owners and by being taught what is expected of them, thrive on following those directions. We have read multiple Dog training books. There are many good ones out there.  Since there are many views on ways to train a Puppy/dog, you will need to find the one that fits your views.  The MAIN thing is to BE CONSISTENT.  And if something is NOT working, clearly- it is not the method to use!  Try a different method ASAP.  The sooner that a Puppy/Dog learns only good habits and unwanted habits are corrected/stopped- the Happier EVERYONE is- including and most importantly- the Puppy/Dog!   We start the Puppies here with the 'Treat based' training method and Early Nearuological Training method among vast socialization etc- called 'PUPPY CULTURE;.  We would love if everyone whom is getting a puppy from us could do some research on this program or get a book or program on it as well.  However- we do send MULTIPLE printouts similar to and about this program and how your puppy has been raised here, and what we and Puppy Culture reccommends to continue in the next weeks at their new home.  Thus it is not necessary to actually purchase the program itself.  These will aide in your Puppy's first days at home!  We also have used more firm training methods with our older dogs at times, and adjust all training methods to the nature of each individulal dog.  This is very important.  Use the right methods for your Puppy/Dog's nature.  All Puppies however GREATLY Benefit from Puppy Culture!  We train our dogs as time allows. As we are often very busy with puppy socialization, dog, puppy, & cattle chores, we know only too well how short a 24 hour period can be!! Our dogs have been taught basic obedience and as time allows, we hope to teach them even more!!     Puppy Potty Training- AKC Link 

2. We highly recommend supplementing your canine family members diet with fresh/frozen meat, fish, eggs, safe bones, etc. Please, FIRST, verify any diet with your dog's Veterinarian.  There are many reasons why some diets will work better for some dogs than others.  We have fed much Raw meat, bones, eggs, etc. in alignment with the studies showing the immense amount of nutrients that the pet receives from this kind of diet.  HOWEVER, there is also a possiblity of Bacteria being transferred with Raw food diets, and these risks must be considered by yourself and your vet prior to feeding them such.  While we have been lucky enough to only experience the positive aspects of raw feeding supplements, there have been studies showing that bacteria can be transferred to your pet and to yourself from raw food diets. PLEASE NOTE: Whichever diet you feed your new puppy/dog, it is ESSENTIAL that you ONLY feed them what is their required amount! Overfeeding/growing too fast is not healthy for any Puppy/pet.

3. Fresh air, exercise and sunshine!! The GREAT OUTDOORS! Can we say more?! Please try to spend MUCH time outdoors with your new pet/s! Although each of these breeds adjusts very well to a more sedentary lifestyle indoors, the pros, health benefits, and enjoyment of spending as much time as possible outside are endless! You will find that as the dogs LOVE spending time outdoors in a pond, in the forest, in the lake or rivers, you will LOVE listening to the AMAZINGLY THERAPEUTIC sounds of nature!! A bird singing, the grasshopper song, leaves rustling in the breeze, waves crashing on the shore, water flowing over the rocks, wind blowing through the pine needles in an amazingly quiet winter forest, cattle moo-ing softly to their young, frogs croaking in the pond, etc. etc. And if you are unable to hear these things, there is the same amount of beauty and smells that give the same therapeutic benefits to all! We spend VERY much time outdoors!! Even in the -20 degrees F, my son & other boys were out playing hockey (with good gear of course), and stated "It didn't even feel very cold" :) In the spring-summer-fall, it is very common to find us all outside literally from sun up to sun down, almost the entire time!!

4. Bring your new pet to your own Veterinarian as soon as possible after bringing them home. Even if you choose the more natural 'minimal to no vaccines' route, it is essential that your new pet is followed in health throughout it's life by a veterinarian. Do NOT overfeed your dog. Choose a rigid feeding program and follow it. It is very important that your pet gets the right amount of vitamins, minerals, food and not too much of them.

5. We highly recommend continuing to crate train your new pet. While they may be almost 100% crate trained here, some take a little longer to complete their crate training and will need another week or two of intermittent crate sessions to completely learn to love their quiet/peaceful time in the crate. There are many sources on the web about proper crate training and chapters in dog training books. Please study these methods, it is important that you do it correctly. Crate training your puppy aides in much quicker potty training, gives them a safe cozy place to rest, and is very useful in traveling and other situations!! It is wonderful when they quietly love their crate for a little nap etc! It keeps them safe in certain situations and is beneficial in so many ways!

Dog Diets & Deadly Heart Disease

6. Please feel free to ask us Any questions you may have at all! And also to update us with photos and/or videos of your puppy/dog!! We Love to see photos and videos of puppies/dogs we have brought into this world or retired from our home to your loving home!! We wish you, your family and your pet/s true Happiness and Love!

The Puppy Food We Use

We recommend that you use whatever Puppy food that you are familiar & comfortable with. You will receive a bag of our current puppy food to mix with yours, to aide with the transition. There are Many good quality Puppy Foods out there, including Science Diet which is also a favorite. Our puppies & dogs have done very well on these three- Diamond/Diamond Naturals Large Breed/& Diamond Naturals Small Breed - which is simply why we continue to use them. Your Veterinarian is a good source to verify and get further recommendations on Puppy Food for your specifc puppy, requests, & situation.


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